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Ohio dog laws

In Ohio, counties enforce state animal control law by hiring a dog warden and providing equipment and housing for stray dogs and dogs accused of dangerous behavior. Each county sets its dog license fee to provide a budget for dog warden services.

Some cities expand on state law by adding breed-specific bans, number limits, and other restrictions on dog ownership. They fund enforcement of these laws out of their general fund budget or by special license fees.

Some townships limit dog ownership through zoning laws that place number restrictions on properties of various sizes.

Animal control law can be found in Title 9, Chapter 955, of the Ohio Revised Code. The law can be found at http://onlinedocs.andersonpublishing.com/oh/lpExt.dll?f=templates&fn=main-h.htm&cp=PORC. Click on the entry for Title IX, Agriculture-Animals-Fencing in the left window to open the file, then follow links to "Dogs" (Chapter 955) and "Offenses related to domestic animals" (Chapter 959).

Chapter 955, covers dog control law

Some pertinent sections are:

Animal cruelty law is covered in ORC 959

Some pertinent sections are:

To get copies of local laws affecting animal ownership, try the local government website. If the information is not available online, contact the city, township, or county clerk and ask for a copy of the animal laws.

To follow the progress of pending laws and regulations in Ohio, check the OVDO alert page.

To contact state legislators on issues affecting dog ownership, go to the state assembly website at http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/ and search for contact information for your representative or senator.


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