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OVDO is tracking these bills, proposed regulations, and animal rights campaigns that affect dog owners, breeders, businesses, hunters, rescues, shelters, and others who want to keep dogs in our lives.

Items now under scrutiny in Ohio are:

House Bill 223 and Senate Bill 173: This pair of bills proposes to license kennels with more than eight dogs to finance an effort to close substandard kennels that may house dozens or hundreds of dogs. They contain high license fees, insurance requirements, detailed standards of care, and criminal background checks for kennel owners.

House Bill 22 increases penalties for violations of certain sections of companion animal cruelty law to a felony on a first offense and increases penalties for violation of other animal cruelty laws to a felony for a second and subsequent offenses. HB 22 also allows for the court to order psychological counseling of an offender under the age of 15 years.

House Bill 45 proposes regulations for keepers of exotic animals, including reptiles and big cats, and native wildlife such as bears. It places authority for adminstration and enforcement in the Department of Natural Resources and requires that owners pay to euthanize impounded animals if they cannot be placed in a zoo or sanctuary.

The State Supreme Court acceptance of an appeal in Toledo v Tellings. The appeals court determined that Ohio's pit bull restrictions are unconstitutional, and Toledo appealed. The Supreme Court heard arguments in the case on April 4 and will give its decision later in the year.

Items that may return for consideration:

Ohio House Bills 189 and 533: These bills eliminate breed-specific legislation from Ohio law and fix the dangerous dog law by adding due process for the owners of accused dogs. Both of these bills failed in the 2005-06 Legislative session but may be back after the decision of the Ohio Supreme Court in Toledo v Tellings, a 'pit bull' case.

Ohio House bill 63, a "puppy lemon law" that holds sellers responsible if the puppy develops a hereditary or congenital disease within 15 months of purchase. The bill requires that sellers disclose certain health information about the dog and exempts breeders who screen their breeding stock for inherited abnormalities. The bill also provided recourse for buyers if the seller misrepresents the potential for registration of the puppy as a purebred. HB 63 was introduced early in the 2005-06 legislative session and did not get a committee hearing.

Items of national interest are:

Louisville Kennel Club has filed suit over an onerous anti-breeding law passed by the Louisville City Council in late 2006. This law places unfair burdens on the owners of intact dogs. For more information, visit the Louisville Kennel Club website at http://www.louisvillekennelclub.com/community/

California Assembly Bill 1634 requires that most dogs and cats be sterilized by the time they reach four months of age. For more information, see the NAIA Trust website at http://capwiz.com/naiatrust/issues/alert/?alertid=9763776 and check into the AKC 1634 action center at http://www.akc.org/canine_legislation/CA_action_center.cfm

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act: Congress passed and the President signed this bill that increases penalties and expands the definition of domestic terrorism against radical activists who commit crimes against people who own and use animals and people who do business with animal owners. The law was passed to target criminals, not those who indulge in legitimate protest or informatinal demonstrations. For details, see AKC Endorses the 'Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act,' http://www.akc.org/news/index.cfm?article_id=3057 and "The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act," http://www.house.gov/petri/aeta_moreinfo.htm.

Some shelters are importing dogs from foreign countries and offshore islands to fill empty runs and encourage people to adopt a pet, not buy a purebred from a responsible breeder. Stories can be found at "More animal shelters trade responsible conduct for media limelight by importing foreign strays for adoption," http://www.naiatrust.org/resources/foreign_strays.htm and "Thriving animal shelter businesses assure more rabies in American pets," http://www.naiaonline.org/body/frommexicowithrabies.htm.



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